Audio: design ja tuotanto / Audio: design and production

Audio: design ja tuotanto -teemakokonaisuudessa valittavana on seuraavat kurssit:

In thematic area in Audio: design and production, you can choose from the following courses:


HTI.560 Spoken, Conversational and Auditory Interaction (5 op)

Spoken interaction has become prevalent in today’s technological applications, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Spoken, Conversational and Auditory Interaction course introduces the student to various forms of auditory and spoken interaction and technology.

The topics covered on this course include:

  • Voice-based human-technology interaction
  • Voice and audio applications
  • Fundamentals of voice and audio technology
  • Conversational interfaces
  • Non-speech audio (e.g. auditory icons, earcons, music, auralization, soundscapes)

The course consists of lectures, individual assignments, and a final project work carried out in groups. Upon completion of the course, the student will know the characteristics of auditory and spoken interaction and the related technologies, methods and tools needed to design, develop, and evaluate auditory applications and services.

Link: Spoken, Conversational and Auditory Interaction


IM00DR94-3003 Introduction to Song Writing (TAMK) (3 op)

Learn the basics of song writing in international environment.

Link: IM00DR94-3003 Introduction to Song Writing


AD00BZ63-3008 Advanced Music Production Workshop (TAMK) (5 op)

Learn to mix in different genres with basic DAW tools. Learn to use headphones in mixing.


IM00DD50-3005 Experimental Song Writing and Music Production (TAMK) (5 op)

Learn to use Ableton in creative way. Create totally new sounds from the scratch.