Finnish Information Retrieval Experts group

FIRE is a group of Finnish researchers and post-graduate students in Information Retrieval. FIRE members pursue basic and applied research on all aspects of information storage and retrieval, including text and multimedia databases, database design and reorganization, document management and interactive information retrieval and information interaction.

FIRE organizes informal research meetings and a (monthly) seminar. FIRE is open to researchers and post-graduate students interested in IR.

FIRE news and events can be found in our Blog WildFIRE. (Posts are in Finnish or English).

FIRE Projects


For further information about the group and its activities, please contact Associate professor Sanna Kumpulainen.

Sanna Kumpulainen

Sanna Kumpulainen

  • Associate Professor (tenure track)
  • Informaatiotutkimus
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
  • Tampere University
  • +358504377205