RIME – Research Group on Information and Media Practices

RIME is a group of researchers and post-graduate students in Information and Media Practices. In general, RIME focuses on practices by which individuals, teams and organizations process information during its life cycle. The main activities constitutive of such practices include producing, seeking, use, sharing, management and organization of information.

RIME members conduct both basic and applied research. Individual research topics include, for example, the utilization of social media in information seeking and sharing, information literacies, information intensive interaction within work communities, reading and library research, and knowledge management.

For further information about the group and its activities, please check the links available by expanding the RIME menu above, our Facebook group (link below), and/or contact Associate Professor Tuomas Harviainen.

RIME Facebook Group


Tuomas Harviainen

  • Professor
  • Informaatiotutkimus ja interaktiivinen media (tietokäytännöt)
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
  • Tampere University
  • +358504377127
  • tuomas.harviainen@tuni.fi
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