TRIM research center is a research institution for basic and strategic research on issues close to internet like Information retrieval, game research and information and media practices.

Our research ranges from fundamental methods and technologies of IR to novel applications and their impact on people and society. Our key competences are in Information retrieval, user-created media, game design and gaming experiences, everyday information practices and information literature.

We are multidisciplinary, with scientists from computer, behavioural and social sciences, as well as humanities, design and art. The projects are conducted with private companies, universities and research institutions.

Our partners are several international and Finnish companies as well as universities and research institutions in Europe, North America and Asia. Our research is funded by University of Tampere, Tekes , the Academy of Finland and other foundations financing Finnish hi-tech research, the European Union and private companies.

Our research services ranges from small scale student thesis up to large scale international research. Research center is lead by research director. We are happy to discuss
with you about new research ideas and projects.

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