Tampere University is represented in many different networks and expert groups on mobility and logistics through Transport Research Centre Verne.

ITS Factory

ITS Factory is a Tampere based network focused on intelligent mobility. It aims to create new solutions for more fluid, efficient and safe mobility by facilitating co-operation between different companies, research centers and the city of Tampere. Transport Research Centre Verne is represented in the management board of ITS Factory.

ITS Finland

ITS Finland is a forum for collaboration which brings together representatives from a wide range of governmental institutions, research and educational institutions as well as businesses to work for our common cause: building a safe, smooth and sustainable future.

MaaS Alliance

MaaS Alliance is an international network connecting different actors in both public and private sector. It focuses on allowing implementation and take-up of single, open market MaaS in Europe and beyond. Transport Research Centre Verne represents Tampere University in MaaS Alliance.


Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY is the largest network of supply chain professionals in Finland. To it´s members LOGY offers latest information, innovative ideas and valuable contacts. Transport Research Centre Verne is a member of the association. A delegate of Verne is also represented in the management team of LOGY Pirkanmaa, which operates in Tampere region.

The expert group of the Finnish Crash Data Institute (OTI)

OTI provides important information that can be used to improve traffic safety at both legislative and practical levels. The expert group supports the work of OTI. The expert group is an advisory group related to e.g., the development of the accident information register and the planning and evaluation of the research projects. A delegate of Transport Research Centre Verne is represented in the expert group.

Working group on transport system in Tampere city region

Working group on transport system in Tampere city region promotes the use of public transport, walking and cycling in the city region. In the working group, Markus Pöllänen from Transport Research Centre Verne is the representative of Tampere University.

The Nordic Road Association (NVF)

The Nordic Road Association (NVF) is a network for exchange of information, knowledge and experience within and among the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as the Faroe Islands). It facilitates cooperation within the sector, with members from both the public and private sectors and a total of some 320 member organisations in the Nordic countries. Markus Pöllänen is currently a member in the committee on road safety and Erika Kallionpää in the committee of freight transport.

Finnish Road Association

Finnish Road Association aims to promote knowledge on the importance of road and transport sector on the well-being and competitiveness of Finland. Through active collaboration and influencing the association aims to ensure the financial and knowledge assets of the sector. The association is the leading expert of private roads in Finland and organizes several large events. Heikki Liimatainen is board member in the association.