The Transport Research Centre Verne realized a project called PYKÄLÄ I between 2009-2011 in cooperation with three ministries, eight Finnish cities, The Finnish Transport Agency and The Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities. PYKÄLÄ II was a follow-up for this project. The project realized between 2012-2014. PYKÄLÄ II was also carried out in close contact with the project cities. Other partners in cooperation were the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland’s Environmental Administration and The Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities.

PYKÄLÄ I was about bringing cycling and walking as a part of the city’s transportation system and PYKÄLÄ II was about the utilization of the potential cycling and walking in Finnish cities.

Results of these projects in English (more material in Finnish here):

Best European Practices in Promoting Cycling and Walking

Best practices for cycle path winter maintenance processes (PDF, 34 MB)

Low-res version (PDF, 12 MB)