Current research projects

Current research projects at Verne are presented below.

Digitalisationautomation and electrification as driving forces of everyday mobility

‘Digitalisation, automation and electrification as driving forces of everyday mobility’ -project aims to explore the possibilities of these megatrends to change everyday mobility and to identify opportunities to direct the development towards aspired future in which the transport system supports social, economic and environmental wellbeing. The project has been funded by Kone Foundation.


The SeCLog project (Smart electric City Logistic) is developing and evaluating solutions based on electric utility vehicles (electric buses, electric distribution vehicles) to meet the challenges of climate change in urban logistics, especially in Tampere Region The project examines the potential and feasibility of electric utility vehicles and other intelligent solutions in urban logistics. The project is funded by the Council of Tampere Region (European Regional Development Fund).

Smart Rail

Smart Rail ecosystem is a co-innovation project aimed at improving the competitiveness of Finnish companies’ products and services, especially in the international market. The main themes of the Smart Rail project are impact assessment in business and transport systems, proactive situational awareness and user-driven solutions. The role of Transport Research Centre Verne, together with VTT, is to carry out an impact assessment of the Smart Rail ecosystem and to figure out future solutions for feeder traffic.

Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities and Regions (CANEMURE)

‘Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities and Regions’ project is a six-year project for implementing Finnish climate policy, funded by the EU Life programme. The project promotes regional climate work and concrete measures through expert guidance. Transport Research Centre Verne is providing expert guidance on smart low-carbon mobility.

Working group on fossil free transport 11/2019-10/2020

Working group assigned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications on fossil free transport aims to support decision-making by identifying the measures which can be taken to halve the transport GHG emissions by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2045. Accosiate professor Heikki Liimatainen from Verne is a permanent expert in the working group.