Transport Research Centre Verne aims to offer broadest higher education in passenger and freight transport systems in Finland. The education integrates real-life problems and research to education.

Our goal is that the graduates in field of transport from Tampere University manage broadly the basics in transport and understand the big picture. They are up-to-date on societal context and with substance knowledge and readiness to strategic thinking. The graduates are typically employed in demanding planning, expert and managerial positions.

In education, we emphasise doing and learning together, raising interest and enthusiasm and encouraging students’ own thinking. The courses on transport focus inter alia on analysing the transport system, the qualities of different transport modes both in passenger and freight transport, the sustainability and safety of transport system as well as urban mobility and public transport. Logistics related courses discuss freight transport systems, sustainable logistics and the logistics of industry and trade companies. The courses are mostly in Finnish, but also courses in English are offered (Transport Transformation, Sustainable Logistics and Global Distribution – use the links to find more information on these in the course catalog). Also the Bachelor’s Programme Sustainable Urban Development includes studies on transport and it is also possible to continue studies from this Bachelor’s Programme to Master’s studies which relate to transport.