Upcoming MET seminars

The following seminars should be of interest to everyone in CMP and far beyond:

All are in Arvo Auditorium F115

Thursday 8 December at 1400

Takeharu Nagai, Osaka University, Japan

“New trends in life science opened up by means of trans-scale-scope-Science of Outliers”

Thursday 15 December at 1200

Tuck Finch, University of Southern California

(joint seminar with SOC faculty and CoEAgeCare)

Smoggy brains and ApoE4 accelerate risks of dementia in Los Angeles but not in the Amazon

Thursday 26 January at 1400

Rudi Costa, University of Padova, Italy

“Genetic, molecular, neuroanatomical and behavioural correlates of shiftwork in an unlikely model: the fruit fly”