CFP: Confession and Social Responsibility


Call For Papers! Dr. Nina Koefoed (Aarhus) and Dr. Andrew Newby (Tampere) are organising a Symposium on Confession and Social Responsibility, to be held at Aarhus University, 11-12 February 2019. The symposium will explore differences in poor relief provision in Europe, focussing in particular on how confessional contexts may have affected this relief.

Paper proposals of 250 words or less should be sent to Nina Koefoed ( before 1 December 2018.

In addition to a focus on the Lutheran north, we hope to have papers investigating Catholic Europe, as well as the Reformed tradition, to allow for comparative approaches and discussions. Papers might address (but are certainly not Limited to):

  • The role of religion and confessional traces in the means and goals of poor relief.
  • Actors and institutions within the poor relief system.
  • Social responsibility and the obligations of authorities.
  • Poor relief systems under political jurisdiction or outside political jurisdiction.
  • Church ordinances and legislation.
  • Methodological approaches.

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