HEX's Translocalis Database team is the National Library's Customer of the Year

HEX’s Translocalis database team, led by Heikki Kokko, is the National Library’s Customer of the Year 2019. The group is led by Postdoctoral Researcher Heikki Kokko. Riikka Suominen and Eeva Nikkilä have worked as research assistants in the project.

The group has compiled the newspaper data in the digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi service into the Translocalis database, which opens new analysis opportunities for the material. The focus is on local letters published in newspapers in the 19th century, a form of interactive media of the time. In the future the intention is to open the database to both researchers and history enthusiasts, so that the material will be openly available.

“We are especially humbled by this recognition because the National Library is the most important institution of digital history in Finland. The new resources and analysis tools the Library provides help us create completely new kinds of information, particularly on the history of the 19th and 20th centuries,” praises Kokko.

With the Customer of the Year award, the National Library wants to recognise the producers of the Translocalis database as active users of the Library’s resources who are developing these resources into new formats while creating important and interesting research.

More information on the Translocalis Database.


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