Rose-Marie Peake joins HEX

HEX received good news in the funding decisions made by the Academy of Finland this spring. Rose-Marie Peake will join HEX as a Postdoctoral Researcher with her project “Emotions, Female Identities, and Transgressive Sexual Culture in Catholic Reformation France”.

Project description on Academy’s webpage: “The aim of the postdoctoral study is to unravel the important role transgressive – or non-normative – sexual culture played in the lived religious experiences of elite women in Catholic reformation Paris (c. 1629-1710). Light is shed on the ways the women, called dévotes, aimed to build their identity and agency and claim corporeal space by founding convents for “fallen women” and engaging in proto-queer spiritual practices. The study challenges heteronormativity and promotes discussion on equality also in our society. The study uses as source material administrational archival material, correspondence, spiritual biographies, and hagiography. The sources are approached by means of qualitative analysis and critical close-reading. Central guiding theoretical concepts are lived religion, emotions (especially that of compassion) and emotional regimes, and proto-queer. The study will be executed at the Academy of Finland CoE in the History of Experiences, University of Tampere.”


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