Heavy laboratory

IHA Heavy laboratory provides excellent facilities for traditional hydraulics, field off-road machinery and robotics research, as the campus area includes a Hall and has instrumented cranes and test rigs. Our 900 m² restricted  area used for performing automatic tests. IHA has a rapid development and prototyping environment for building novel systems (electric and hybrid powertrain and working hydraulics) and their control technologies, which is used to test and demonstrate functionality and control algorithms in mobile machines and their subsystems.  

IHA Heavy laboratory has a hydraulic power supply of 400 kW, an electric power supply up to 200 kW (50 -800 V DC).  We can measure on real time emissions, fuel and energy consumption (electric) of the electric and hybrid powertrains during the automated work cycle.

IHA heavy laboratory also has swing type test rigs for testing individual components and subsystems such as electro-mechanical (EMA) or electro-hydrostatic actuators (EHA).