Test ground for mobile machines

Innovative Hydraulic Automation (IHA) provides excellent facilities for field robotics research, as the campus area includes a test ground and has several instrumented mobile machines. Our closed 4000 m² test ground has a working area for excavating, different surfaces ranging from gravel to asphalt, and a hill with three different slopes ranging up to about 18 degrees. There are, e.g., three autonomous wheel loaders. IHA has a rapid development and prototyping environment for control technologies, which is used to test and demonstrate control algorithms in mobile machines. We can measure on real time emissions and fuel consumption of the machines during the work.

•  At TAU Hervanta campus area
•  Around 4000 square meters
•  250 m track
•  Asphalt and gravel
•  Three 10, 16, 32% slopes
•  Excavation, loading area
•  Control container
•  Fenced area

What we can test

Control methods and sensors systems

•  Driveline control
space•  Uphill and downhill operation
•  During work
•  Boom control systems

Autonomous operation in various tasks

•  Navigation
space•  Obstacle avoidance
•  Path planning and execution
space•  Multi-machine operation

Energy efficiency and emissions

•  Fuel consumption in real work
•  Real exhaust emissions during the work
•  Excavation, truck loading, driving
•  Human operated or autonomous