Main research fields of IHA are Autonomous off-road machines, Digital hydraulics, Heavy-duty robotics, Hybrid technology and Zonal hydraulics. In these four fields IHA aims to be one of the leading research units in the world of fluid power automation. The research strategy of IHA is made up of these four research areas and ambition to develop new fluid power automation technology, which minimizes the environmental impact in all aspects. To fulfil the strategy the research of IHA follows these three principles: interdisciplinary research, the bridging of theory and practice and cooperation with industry.


IHA is member of Global Fluid Power Society (GFPS) which is a worldwide community of institutes for networking in the area of fluid power and fluid techniques (

IHA is very active in co-operation with the Finnish industry. We are partner in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which is signed by Wärtsilä with four leading Finnish universities to collaborate on developing world-class research into sustainable future applications for internal combustion engines. The academic institutions participating in this Engine Research Initiative (ERI) programme are Aalto University, Tampere University, Åbo Akademi University, and the University of Vaasa.


Publications of ATME – IHA is currently part of Automation Technology and Mechanical Engineering (ATME)