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IHA organizes Intelligent Heavy Machine major that provides knowledge and competences on automation of heavy-duty applications and fluid power.

Number of automated and autonomous functions are increasing in mobile machines and they are becoming more and more like robots that can perform their task autonomously. Implementation of autonomous functions in a machine requires skills of several technologies and the Intelligent Heavy Machine major contains studies in fluid power, electric drives, real-time control systems. Fluid power is widely used technology in industrial and mobile applications in which high force and torque are required; being essential technology in mobile machines such excavators, forest machines and loaders. Electric drives and electrification are becoming more and more important technology in mobile machines because of sustainability reason. The real-time control of actuators such boom and driveline is required when automated functions and autonomous operation is implemented.

After completing the major, the student knows the key technologies of heavy machines and is able to use and apply key methods and tools in the industry. Key technologies include hydraulics, electric drives, hybrid solutions and real-time control systems combined with sensor solutions that enable the implementation of automatic and autonomous functions of different levels. After finishing the major, students are able to implement real-time control systems using Matlab / Simulink-based software tools. After finishing the major, the student can design and realize individual functions and systems incl. control algorithm, software and actuator implementation. The student knows the development trends of heavy machines and can identify the need for developing his / her own competence in working life.

Essential working life skills such as language, communication and cooperation skills are learned through different forms of teaching. The study includes individual and team work, and an independently completed master’s thesis. The student is able to acquire and analyse the information critically and utilize the information acquired in solving the problem. The student understands the meaning of their own work social context and is able to participate in the social debate in the field.

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