Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology group studies hydraulic and electric hybrid machines and systems. The main targets to improve fuel economy of off-road machinery and reduce harmful emissions. The HHybrid project studied hydraulic hybrids and 28 percent reduction in fuel consumption was demonstrated in a forest forwarder.

Research focus and goals

The research focuses on system design and control of hybrid powertrains in mobile machines. The studied hybrid systems are hydraulic hybrids or combining hydraulics and electric drives. The goal is to improve energy efficiency of powertrains and actuator systems by innovative system design and control methods.


Hybrid technology is applied in mobile machines such loaders, cranes, excavators and forest machines. Exploitation of full potential of hybridization is achieved in the applications, which have energy recovery possibility such in excavator and cranes.

Contact persons

Tatiana Minav

Matti Linjama
Adjunct Professor
+358 40 849 0525