Large Databases in Studying the History of War Experiences (STASKO)

In the STASKO project, we are building, refining, and analyzing large databases related to the history of World War II in Finland. The databases are used to study the social and cultural history of war, so that the quantitative data will be utilized also in qualitative research on the history of experiences and emotions. Furthermore, the new knowledge produced in the project is made available for school teaching and for museum exhibitions. STASKO was launched in the spring of 2017 and it is financed by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The project is led by Dr Ville Kivimäki.

Presenting the Datavisualizations as a Part of Augmented Reality Story Telling (DELTA)

In the DELTA project, we produce data visualizations in AR- and VR environment and on web sites. Data visualizations are based on large databases produced in STASKO project and their theme is related to history of the Second World War in Finland. DELTA was launched in January 2018 and it merges the know-how in the fields communication, history and ICT studies.The project is financed by Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland and led by Dr Anssi Männistö.