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Wellbeing at Work Research Group, Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University

The Wellbeing at Work Research Group is a multidisciplinary research team. The group aims to raise awareness of the meaning and importance of wellbeing at work and its impact on productivity. We provide research, training and development services in the area of wellbeing at work. Using a broad understanding of wellbeing at work, the group focuses on academic research, organizational development and the dissemination of research findings. Both academic excellence and societal relevance are valued as goals of the research effort.

The group's research is primarily action research aimed at change and development. The group's research topics include leadership practices, new indicators of wellbeing at work, innovation and creativity, wellbeing and productivity, digitalization of work and its impact on employee wellbeing, information, cognitive and affective ergonomics, social capital, mindfulness, and wellbeing issues in small and medium-sized enterprises. Several hundred organizations from the private and public sectors have participated in research and development projects.

Interested in research collaboration? Please contact Research Director Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi

Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi