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We welcome international and national research collaboration! If you are looking for partnerships in research projects or publications, or look for a host for short term research visits, please be in touch with Research Director or a researcher.

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Research Director

Anne Mäkikangas
work- and organizational psychology, occupational well-being, individual resources, job crafting, remote work


Simo Aho
sociology, social policy, employment, unemployment, labour market policy, impact evaluation

Iiris Annala
social policy, EU coordination of social security systems, research on epistemic practices of governance

Jenna Bergdahl
self-determination, technology, artificial intelligence, well-being, social psychology

Jessica de Bloom
work- and organizational psychology, stress, occupational health, work-related well-being, recovery, leisure, work, non-work, leisure crafting, job crafting, creativity, work engagement, diary studies, longitudinal research, ecological momentary assessments

Arja Haapakorpi
working life studies and education policy, professional work, work organisation, non-standard employment

Tuula Heiskanen
work psychology, work sociology

Sakari Ilomäki
social psychology, social interaction in work contexts, video-mediated interaction

Esa Jokinen
evaluation research, employment and education policies, learning in work life

Soile Juutinen
work and organizational psychology, psychosocial safety climate (PSC)

Ulla Kinnunen
work and organizational psychology, recovery from work, occupational well-being, job burnout

Tuija Koivunen
gender segregation, gendering practices, equality

Miikaeli Kylä-Laakso
labour market system, gender, public sector, competitiveness

Rita Latikka
social psychology, well-being, self-efficacy, loneliness, robot technology, sensor technology

Minna Leinonen
social psychology, gender studies, gender equality in working life, intersectionality, action research, workplace democracy, interaction

Sara Liinamo
sociology, psychologisation of work, personality tests & testing, recruitment & selection, career guidance & counseling, equality in work

Sami Lind
geography of the everyday, labor market margin

Aija Logren
social psychology, social interaction, interaction analysis, counselling, decision-making, negotiation, institutional interaction

Saija Mauno
work- and organizational psychology, changes in working life, occupational well-being, job stress

Harri Melin
changing working life, power relations at work, industrial relations

Niklas Mäkinen
work careers, non-standard employment, informal employment, grey economy

Jaana-Piia Mäkiniemi
well-being at work, well-being at work interventions, techno-work engagement, moral dilemmas at work

Clas-Håkan Nygård
occupational health, work ability, aging and work, ergonomics, work place interventions, occupational epidemiology

Satu Ojala
worklife and labour market research, working conditions and job quality, work careers, precarious jobs, active labour market policies, unemployment

Reetta Oksa
social psychology, wellbeing at work, illbeing at work, social interaction, social media useage in work context

Atte Oksanen
social psychology, social interaction, wellbeing, social media, technology, bullying, substance abuse and addiction

Katri Otonkorpi-Lehtoranta
sociology, working life studies, work-life interface, well-being at work, action research and dialogic working life development, gender studies, gendering practices, gender equality in working life, intersectionality, critical militarism

Virve Peteri
sociology, social studies of technology (SST), work spaces, cultural ergonomics, personality testing and power

Laura Peutere
Work careers, working conditions, register-based data

Federica Previtali
social psychology, work and organizational psychology, social interaction at work, ageism in working life and labour makert, human resources management, manager-employee and recruiter-job applicant interactions, diversity and inlcusion in the workplace

Pasi Pyöriä
worklife and labour market research, working conditions and job quality, work careers, precarious work

Johanna Ruusuvuori
social psychology, social interaction in work contexts, professional—client interaction, video-mediated interaction, decision making in work related encounters, supervisor—employee encouters, institutional norms

Tiina Saari
sociology, employee well-being, digitalization of work, blue collar work, platform work, work attitudes, psychological contract

Antti Saloniemi

Nina Savela
social psychology, attitudes, identification, robotic technology, AR/VR technology

Kirsi Sjöblom
work- and organizational psychology, motivation, well-being, learning, modern work environments, remote work, knowledge work, 21st century skills

Melisa Stevanovic
sociology/social psychology, interaction research, joint decision-making, expertise, authority, power, mental health rehabilitation, coaching for worklife, transition to worklife

Sirpa Syvänen
human resources, renewal of the organisations, quality of working life, productivity, leadership and management, participatory action research, dialog, collaboration

Mia Tammelin
Social and public policy, work-family interface, working conditions, wellbeing, digitalization of work

Katriina Tapanila
education sciences, wellbeing at work (specifically meaningfulness of work), careers, academic work, blue-collar work, employment of migrants, action research, follow up and evaluation study

Kati Tikkamäki
well-being at work, dialogical leadership and leaning , dialogical organization, worklife and work development, reflective work practice, learning at work, organizational learning, work supervision

Pauliina Tiuraniemi
administrative sciences, educational sciences, Sociology of organizations, work well being, conflicts, development of working life and work communities, mediation of work, digitalization of work

Tuuli Turja
social psychology, service work robotization, motivation and shared decision-making in using new technology (especially in health services)

Heidi Lehtovaara
worklife research, gender studies, immigration, job search, digital job search, recruitment, equality, discrimination, racism