Theme: Work, Well-being and Quality Of Life

Safely remotely – occupational well-being and its management in telework (2021–2022)
Coordinator: Anne Mäkikangas
Funding: Finnish Work Environment Fund

EuroAgeism (2018–2022)
Coordinator: Pirjo Nikander
Funding: EU Horizon 2020

Blue-Collar Workers – Psychological contract, meaning in work and occupational pride on manual work (20202021)
Coordinator: Tiina Saari
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Making Leisure Work: Leisure Crafting as Active Recovery from Stressful Work (2017–2022)
Coordinator: Jessica de Bloom
Funding: Academy of Finland, University of Groningen

Managing new intensified job demands through self-regulative resources: A large-scale study across occupations and age groups (2017 – 2021)
Coordinator: Saija Mauno
Funding: Academy of Finland

The role of different breaks from work for well-being and health among ageing teachers
Coordinator: Ulla Kinnunen
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Evidence-based health promotion at work (2016 – 2019)
Coordinator: Johanna Ruusuvuori
Funding: Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council

Occupational health conference in supporting work ability (2015-2018)
Coordinator: Johanna Ruusuvuori
Consortium: University of Tampere and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health