Consortium partners: University of Tampere and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH

Coordinator: Johanna Ruusuvuori

Occupational health conference in supporting work ability

Funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund

A consortium project with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

PI: Johanna Ruusuvuori
researcher: Hanna-Leena Ristimäki

According to several studies, the most important factor in returning to work is the ability to accommodate the worker’s work and working conditions according to the remaining work and functional capacity. This accommodation is one of the main tasks of the occupational health conference with occupational health care, employer and employee.

The research project examines: how the occupational health conference works as a tool for planning support for work, what is discussed in occupational health negotiations, what sort of negotiation process results in work-related solutions and how the various parties to the conference participate in decision-making. In addition, the project examines the experiences of the participants on the outcome of the conference. The project uses qualitative research, especially methods of interaction research.

The results of the project give descriptions of the practices and forms of cooperation required in reaching optimal solutions in return to work process. Based on the results, a freely available digital learning program has been set up for the use of supervisors, staff and occupational health care, on the web-pages of Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.