Theme: Work Communities, Change and Development


This research stream explores the practices of work communities and change. The research and development work look at, for example, quality of working life and learning at work and the prerequisites and barriers of change processes.

Etätyöterveysneuvottelu – uusia toimintamalleja ja toimivaa vuorovaikutusta työkyvyn tueksi (2021–2023)
Coordinator: Johanna Ruusuvuori
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Capable – becoming resilient in the hotel and restaurant business (2021–2023)(website currently only in Finnish)
Coordinator: Anne Mäkikangas
Funding: ESF

Kokoukset ja niiden tuottavuus monipaikkaisessa työssä (2021–2022)
Coordinator: Anne Mäkikangas
Funding: Tieteenraivaajat, Tampere University

Sotehelmet (2021–2022)
Coordinator: Sirpa Syvänen
Funding: European Social Fund, STM

Renewing Dialogues in Social and Health Care – Leadership, Well-being and Productivity (2019–2023)
Coordinator: Sirpa Syvänen
Funding: ESF, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health