Theme: Labour Markets and Use of Labour Force

Employment and Social Security Careers of the Population out of Labour Force (2022–2025)
Coordinator: Satu Ojala
Funding: Kone Foundation

Sociology of testing (2020–2024)
Coordinator: Virve Peteri
Funding: Kone Foundation

State of emergency and resilience in the cultural economy organizations (2021–2023)
Coordinator: Arja Haapakorpi
Funding: European Social Fund, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

From Margins of Labour Markets towards Empowerment? (MARTE) (2018–2021)
Coordinator: Sanni Tiitinen
Funding: Academy of Finland (post-doctoral researcher fund)

The future of work: Opportunities and challenges for the Nordic models (2017–2021)
Contact person: Antti Saloniemi
Funding: Nordic Council of Ministers

Multiple job holding – practices and institutional frame (2019–2020)
Coordinator: Harri Melin
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Fragmented Work Careers? – Research Project (2018–2020)
Coordinator: Satu Ojala
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Economic crises, well-being at work and career development (2015–2017)
Coordinator: Pasi Pyöriä
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund