The project studies the blue-collar, or manual work, which is nowadays rarely studied. The project investigates what keeps the psychological contracts balanced in blue-collar work, and what kind of rights and obligations define that contract. In addition, the project studies the meaningfulness and occupational pride in blue-collar work.

The research data will be gathered in cooperation with The Industrial Union and The Service Union United (PAM). Both survey and interview data will be utilized. Among the members of The Industrial Union, the research focuses on employees on technology industries, especially on machinery and vehicles industry and on rubber industry. Among the members of PAM, the research focuses on employees of cleaning and property services.

Funding: Finnish Work Environment Fund 2020-2021

Coordinator: postdoctoral researcher Tiina Saari,

postdoctoral researcher Tuija Koivunen,
university lecturer Pasi Pyöriä,
professor Harri Melin,

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