Duration: 2016-2019

Funding: Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council


In this project, we investigate evidence-based techniques for lifestyle change and the possibilities to apply these techniques in workplace health promotion as well as practices of effective counselling interaction. The project develops and tests an evidence-based mobile app intervention which focuses on promoting workplace health of micro entrepreneurs. The research base is visible in the development of the intervention in two ways: 1) the intervention promotes contents that are based on research results about occupation-related optimal lifestyles that are associated with work ability and recovery from work, and 2) the intervention uses behaviour change techniques and applies them in such ways that take into account behaviour scientific and social psychological understanding of change processes and effective counselling techniques. Promo@Work -project aims at societal and economic impact through implementing the research results in practice. The consortium is a collaboration between University of Tampere, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, University of Oulu and University of Cologne.

The subproject carried out at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere:

  • investigates the behaviour change techniques utilised in current workplace health promotion policies and based on this analysis, produces guidelines for promoting employee’s healthy lifestyles at workplaces,
  • analyses the elements of effective counselling practices and interaction between group members in both face-to-face and video-mediated counselling sessions aiming at promoting healthy lifestyles and work ability, and
  • contributes to the development of mobile app intervention by gathering social psychological evidence on effective elements of counselling interaction and behaviour change techniques.