Principal investigator: Thomas Olsson, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication
Project researchers: Arja Haapakorpi (WRC, Adjunct Professor, University Researcher), Thomas Olsson, Sami Koivunen, Saara Ala-Luopa (Faculty of Information Technology and Communication)

Project time: 1.9.2019 – 31.3.2020
Funding: Tampere University, INSO-funding (Intelligent Society)

AI based bots in recruitment

The job market is undergoing a fundamental reformation. Robotization, automatization and global movement of the workforce are rapidly changing the way we work – starting from the recruitment process. Currently, seemingly AI based bots are being developed and adopted to support the recruitment process, optimistically aiming to increase the cost-effectiveness of the traditionally laborious recruitment process. In this INSO (Intelligent Society) project, we dive deep into the impact of AI technologies and conversational user interfaces on recruitment practices and job seeker experience.

We approach the subject from the following perspectives:
· Role of recruitment bots in recruitment decisions and the overall talent acquisition process
· Concepts of trust, responsibility and social acceptability in the context of e-recruiting
· User experience of conversational user interfaces in e-recruiting
· Ensuring fairness and equality in technology-driven recruitment process
· Data ethics related to data storage and analytics based on the data that candidates provide

The study will provide both objective and subjective insight into the use of AI based technologies in recruitment in Finland. Realizing the technological change in recruitment process also offer opportunities to understand the broader phenomena of the intelligent society – the benefits, possible risks and possibilities.