Decent Life and sustainable careers: An inclusive project with university graduates

This is a methodologically novel and innovative project which is carried out in close collaboration with our informants, university graduates. In addition to scientific outcomes, the purpose is to empower young people to live decent life as they define it.

The study scrutinizes social and cultural dynamics that enable or hamper successful transition from university education to working life. Focus on career futures highlights (1) the ways university graduates in two EU countries, Finland and Spain, plan and realize decent life including personal life, employability and well-being, and (2) how public policies and media create an interpretative framework for decent life and sustainable careers. The expected results of the project, carried out together with university graduates in social sciences and humanities, contribute to empowerment of recently graduated young adults and to their future well-being.

Research design is qualitative case-oriented comparison. Working methods include photo-elicitation interviews and playback theatre. Policy, media and statistical data is used to provide an accurate picture of contemporary European societies within which the young graduates live.