Satu Ojala: "The future of work is not precarization but polarization"

“The future of work is not precarization but polarization”

Work is always undergoing changes; the big turning point currently is polarization, the ever-growing divide between people in the labor market. Precarization is not actually the prevailing phenomenon, and, in fact, most workers remain in stable, full-time jobs.

–  For some, careers become fragmented, for others they do not. For instance, over 90 percent of highly educated technology industry employees have stable, full-time jobs. For them, the change does not concern their working career but the content of their work, says Satu Ojala  postdoctoral research fellow at Tampere University. 

Satu Ojala is the responsible researcher of the “Fragmented Work Careers?” research project funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund.

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