Sustainable Work Systems in the Technological Transformation

Picture: Anne Parkatti, Nea Parkatti


Sustainable Work Systems in the Technological Transformation

The concurrent changes, such as of ageing population, globalization of production and services, and technological acceleration and digitalization are profoundly changing societies, and the labour markets and work, and call for attention on sustainable work systems. Ecological crisis has brought the need to safeguard ecologic sustainability.

All these factors together have called for increased attention on social responsibility and social justice. These need to be responded with macro-, meso- and micro-level policies and practices. Given the accelerated technological developments and digitalization there is a need for new knowledge on the topic that will aim to renew both practice and research.

Sustainable Work Systems (SWS)- project conducted a research review and held a seminar on the topic in December 11th, 2019 at Tampere University.

Based on the review, we have prepared a presentation, see: Sustainable Work Systems presentation .

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Tammelin, Mia; Haapakorpi, Arja; Parkatti, Anne; Mauno, Saija; Ojala, Satu; Siirtola, Emmi (2020):

SUSTAINABLE WORK SYSTEMS : Themes and Discussion Topics

SWS of the Work Research Centre (WRC) is part of Tampere University’s  profiling area of Sustainable Welfare Systems . While the activities of the project took place as part of the project, sustainable work has been a core aspect – or umbrella concept – guiding WRC’s work since 2013.

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