Laura Assmuth: Translocal childhoods and family mobility



Laura Assmuth: Translocal childhoods and family mobility

Lecture is co-organized by Social anthropology at Tampere University, Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research PERLA and the research project ’World in the Suburb’ (Koneen säätiö).


Time:  28.11. 2019; 16.00 – 18.00

Place:  Linna 5014, Kalevantie 4, Tampere University


Laura Assmuth, Professor of Social and Public Policy at the University of Eastern Finland, specializes in studies of borders, mobility and migration, will give a lecture on transnational and translocal childhoods and family mobility in Eastern and Northern Europe. The presentation builds on two research projects (Inequalities of mobility: relatedness and belonging of transnational families in the Nordic migration space, Academy of Finland; and Inequalities in Motion: Transnational Families in Estonia and Finland, Koneen Säätiö), and provides a timely contribution to public and academic discussions on the effects of intra-EU mobility on family lives. The presentation builds on rich empirical data collected across several years of focused ethnographic research with migrant children and their families, and it combines cases of privileged childhoods with the viewpoint of less privileged families in the age of global migration.

The research team has recently published a book:



Laura Assmuth is a social anthropologist specializing in border and migration studies, family and gender, and the Baltic region and Russia.

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