Chronic unemployment in Germany and Finland

(2015 – )

Konsortio: Tampereen yliopisto, Institute of Employment Research, Nürnberg
Tutkija: Simo Aho

Conventional statistics do not adequately reflect the long-term exclusion from genuinely market-based, regular employment. This is why we investigate how many people “are chronically without regular work”? We strive for a thorough analysis of the incidence, the levels, backgrounds, structures and change over time of “chronic unemployment” on the basis of comparable administrative longitudinal data in Finland and Germany. In particular, we focus on the impact of active labor market policy on the level and composition of structural unemployment.

The project started in 2015.


Simo Aho (University of Tampere)

Regina Konle-Seidl, Thomas Rhein and Thomas Rothe (Institute of Employment Research,, Nürnberg)