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Tulevat tapahtumat 2022

Ke 28.9.: Kirjanjulkistustilaisuus: Rob Boddice – Tunteiden historia (Työväenmuseo Werstas, Väinö Linnan aukio 8, Tampere)

Pe 30.9: Kuulluksi-workshop

Ti 11.10.: Heather Dalton: ’Death and the Merchant – Thomas Howell’s Ledger: accounting for the self in a time of opportunity, anxiety and religious change.’ 

Ti 18.10.: Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi: ”Centring Emotions in Architectural Historiographies of Modern European Imperialism”

Ma-Ti 31.10-1.11.: Analyzing narratives and experience in history -Workshop. Katso lisätietoja täältä

Ti 8.11.: Ville Vuolanto: Experience, and Enslavement of a Child in Late Roman Egypt

Ofer Idels: Jewish life in Modern Palestine and the Hebrew Revolutionary Experience: History, Historiography and Methodology

Ti 15.11.: Ian Miller: Experiencing the Politics of Self-Esteem in Post-War America

Ella Viitaniemi: Experiencing the short-term jobs in early modern Swedish realm

Ti. 22.11.: Tomasz Wislicz: Early modern catholic discourse on visionary experience in cross-religious and diachronic perspectives

Tulevat tapahtumat 2023


Menneet tapahtumat 2022

Ti 13.9.: Simon Sleight: ’From ”agency” to ”experience”: deeds and words in the histories of childhood and   youth’

Tessa Whitehouse: Letter-Writing, life-cycle events, and the daily faith

To-Pe 8.-9.9.: Everyday Emotional and Sensory Materialities – Workshop. Katso lisätietoja täältä

Ti 6.9.: Seminaarikauden avaus

Ti 7.6, 14-16: DolorèsMartin Moruno – ’The Experience of Black Nurse during the Long Second World War: Salaria Kea O’Reilly’ (kirjan luku)

To 2.6, 17-20: The Future of Social History – Professori Emeritus Pertti Haapalan juhlaseminaari

Ti 17.5, 14-16: Klaus Petersen ja Cecilie Bjerre – ”Our history” – a Citizen Science project on historical experiences of the family revolution (ca. 1960-1980) in Denmark

Ke 11.5, 15-17: HEX-väitöskirjaseminaari – Jenni Räikkönen & Riikka Suominen (kommentaattorina Whitney Wood)

Ti 3.5, 14-16: Tuomas Laine-Frigren – Ask the Doctor: Mental Hygiene Among the Young in Fin-de-Siècle Finland

Ti 12.4, 14-16: Whitney Wood – Sensory Histories of Childbirth in Twentieth-Century Canada

Ti 5.4, 14-16: Kate Bradley – Connecting the Disconnected: Technology, advice, and civil rights in Britain, 1950-2000 – a research update.

Ti 15.3. 14-16: HEX-posteriseminaari

Ti 8.3. 14-16: Mikkel Thelle – ”Experiencing public space. Interpellation and sonic territories in Copenhagen around 1900″

Ti 22.2. 14-16: Karen McCluskey – “HEXart: an exploration of the intersection of the History of Experience and Art History”

Ti 15.2, 14-16: Sari Katajala-Peltomaa – Eletty usko keskiajan Suomessa – projektiesittely

Ti 8.2, 14-16: Oana Cojocaru – Childhood and Experiences of Disability in Byzantium

Ti 18.1, 14-16: Kevätkauden avaus

Menneet tapahtumat 2021

Ti 7.12. 14-16: Hanna Lindberg, Minorities and disadvantaged group

Ti 30.11. 14-16: Riikka Miettinen & Kirsi Kanerva – Experiencing Anxieties in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe – kirjan johdantoluonnos

Ti 23.11. 14-16: Katrine Rønsig Larsen – ”Emotional Echoes as an Analytical Tool, and Collective Experiences of Family Violence in Denmark, 1970-2020 ”

Ti 16.11. 14-16: Otso Kortekangas (Postdoctoral researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) – ”Indigenous avant la lettre. The origins and livelihoods of the Sámi in Nordic scholarly thought 1930–1960” (organized in cooperation with Tanja Vahtikari’s project “Baby Box as an Emotional Object”)

Ti 2.11. 14-16: Ville Kivimäki, Risto Turunen & Ilari Taskinen – History of experience & digital humanities

Ti 26.10. 14-16: Ulla Ijäs: ”A rural priest in the 19th-century Finland:sources and the history of experience”

Ti 12.10. 14-16: HEX Publication Strategy seminar

Ti 5.10. 14-16: Tuomas Tepora: Project introduction. A Dim Light of Dawn: Finnish Post-Cold War Experiences Between East and West, 1989–1995

Ti 21.9. 14-16: Johanna Annola & Katariina Parhi: ”Dead-end work: Historical explorations of life in confinement, 1800s-1980s”

Ma 7.6. 14-16: Thomas Devaney – “A noise that seems as if it will shake the world apart”: auditory perception
and emotional experience in early modern Spain

Ma 10.5. 14-16: Klaus Petersen & Johanna Sköld – Inquiries, truth commissions and the politics of history

Ma 19.4. 14-16: Kate Bradley – Connecting the Disconnected: Technology, Advice, and Civil Rights in Britain, 1950-2000

Ma 22.3. 14-16: Anna Rajavuori – Dressed as a Socialist. Deputy Speaker Yrjö Sirola’s Performance in the Opening of the Parliament 1908

Ma 15.3. 14-16:Konferenssin palautekeskustelu + Wiktor Marzec – Landed Nation. Land Reform and Ethnic Diversity in the Interwar Polish Parliament

8.-12.3.: HEX-konferenssi

Ma 22.2. 14-16: Heikki Kokko & Minna Harjula – Sediments, layers and scenes: A social science history approach to experiences

Ma 8.2. 14-16: Kalle Kananoja – “Many dangers lurk in the tropics” – Lived medicine in twentieth-century Owamboland

Ma 1.2. 14-16: HEXin uudet teokset (julkistustilaisuus): Rob Boddice – Humane Professions & Sari Katajala-Peltomaa – Demonic Possession and Lived Religion in Later Medieval Europe

Ma 25.1. 14-16: Heidi Morrison – Introduction: Lived Resistance: Interrupting Unchilding in Palestine

To 14.1. 14-16: Seminaarikauden avaus + Claudia Eggart – ‘People Pointed a Finger at Us’. Shame and Pride in the Biographies of Female Shuttle Traders in Post-Soviet Russia


Menneet tapahtumat 2020

Ma 14.12. 14-16: Ismay Milford – Moral Re-armament in East Africa: Decolonisation, the Cold War and a spiritual retreat in the Swiss Alps

To 10.12. 12-14: Mari Eyice – The outer periphery of empathy. Disability and emotional practices in early modern Sweden

Ma 7.12 14-16: Rob Boddice

Ma 30.11 14-16: Raisa Toivo & Sari Katajala-Peltomaa – Lived Religion, Introduction

Ma 23.11. 14-16: Ville Kivimäki – Experiencing Trauma Before Trauma. Posttraumatic Memory Among the Finnish Soldiers in the 1940s and 1950s

Ma 2.11. 14-16: Tanja Vahtikari – Project presentation: Baby Box as an Emotional Object: the Sociomaterial Experiences of the Finnish Welfare State from the 1930s to the Present

Ma 26.10. 14-16: Sigríður Matthíasdóttir – Agency and Everyday Experiences of an East Icelandic Migrant and Entrepreneur Pálína Waage´s “Lived Religion” and “Lived Nationalism”

ma 5.10. klo 14-16: Heidi Morrison & Per Ashorn – ”Historians and Medical Scientists Doing Collaborative Work: An Open Conversation”

ma 28.9. klo 14-16: Tuomas Laine-Frigren – Children on the Move. The Readjustment of Child Evacuees Returning to Finland After World War II

ma 7.9. klo 12-16: syyskauden avaustapaaminen – museokeskus Vapriikki

ma 18.5. klo 10-12: Johanna Annola, Minna Harjula & Hanna Lindberg – Cleaning Up the North -projekti (Teams)

ma 4.5. klo 10-12: Raisa Toivo & Sari Katajala-Peltomaa: Gender and Lived Religion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Teams)

ma 20.4. klo 10-12: HEX-konferenssi 2020 palautekeskustelu (Teams)

ma 6.4. klo 10-12: Ville Kivimäki, Sami Suodenjoki & Tanja Vahtikari. Lived Nation -projekti (Teams)

ma 9.3. klo 10-12: Heidi Morrison, guest lecture ”Narrations of Survival – The Impact of Being Occupied on Palestinian Children”, Linna 5026

ma-ke 2.-4.3. klo 10-12: kansainvälinen HEX-konferenssi ”History of Experience: Methodologies and Practices”, Tampereen yliopisto.

ma 10.2. klo 10-12: Miia Kuha: ”Parish clergy in the diocese of Vyborg 1650-1710: Career and position in the local community”

ma 27.1. klo 10-12: Reetta Eiranen, postdoc-projekti  ”Emotions in Ambivalent Nationalisms”

ma 13.1. klo 10-12: HEX-työpaja


Menneet tapahtumat 2019

ma 9.12. klo 16-18: HEX-pikkujoulut

ma 9.12. klo 10-12: HEX-työpaja: Rob Boddice, ”Experience without foundations, or the perils of empathy”

ma 25.11. klo 14-16: HEX-työpaja, Rose-Marie Peake, ”’Fallen Women’ and Queer Revelations in Catholic Reformation France: Project Presentation”

ma 11.11. klo 10- : NIOD vierailee HEX:ssä

ke 13.11. klo 15-17: HEX-seminaari, Ville Kivimäki, ”Nocturnal Nation: Posttraumatic Nightmares in Finland after World War II”

ma 4.11. klo 14-16: HEX-työpaja, kokemus-käsitteet IV

ma 14.10. klo 14-16: HEX-työpaja, kokemus-käsitteet III

ke 9.10. klo 15-17: HEX-vierailu tutkijaseminaarissa, Rose-Marie Peake

ma 16.9. klo 14-16: HEX-työpaja, Narrare ja Kokemuksen tutkimuksen verkosto vierailevat

ke 21.8. – pe 23.8. Konferenssi ”Experiences of Dis/ability from the Late Middle Ages to the Mid-Twentieth Century”. Lisätietoja ja ohjelma:  https://events.uta.fi/disabilityexperience2019/

ma 10.6. klo 12-14: HEX-työpaja, kokemus-käsitteet II

ti 4.6. Uskon henkilökohtaistaminen historiassa -workshop

ma 27.5. klo 14-16: HEX-työpaja, kokemus-käsitteet I

ke 8.5. klo 15-17: HEX-vierailu tutkijaseminaarissa, Minna Harjula, ”Kun kansalainen kohtasi hyvinvointivaltion: suomalaisten sosiaalivirastojen kokemushistoriaa 1940-1980-luvuilla”

ma 29.4. klo 12-14: HEX-työpaja, Ville Kivimäki, ”Feeling the Fatherland. Finnish Soldiers’ Lyrical Attachments to the Nation during the Second World War”

ke 3.4. klo 15-17: HEX-vierailu tutkijaseminaarissa, Sami Suodenjoki, ”Arkkiveisut työväen kumouskokemusten mobilisoijina”

ma 25.3. klo 14-16: HEX-työpaja, Antti Malinen, ”Kaverit, koirat ja joenmutkat. Lasten emotionaaliset turvapaikat ja niiden saavutettavuus 1940–50-lukujen Suomessa”

ma-ti 4.-5.3. HEX-konferenssi, History of Experience: Theories, Methodologies, and Concepts