Building physical research equipment of roof structures

The building physical behaviour of structures can be continuously monitored during tests done on the building physical research equipment for roof structures. The indoor and outdoor conditions on both sides of the structure can be adjusted completely automatically. The monitorable and adjustable conditions are indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity, as well as the pressure difference over the structure. On the outside the heat radiation hitting the surface, which simulates the sun’s warming effect, and the air flow speed on the surface can be controlled.

Using the building physical research equipment for roof structures the following can be studied:
  • Thermal transmittance coefficient (U-value) and heat resistance of a structure
  • Water vapour permeability factor and water vapour resistance of a structure
  • Air permeability factor and air resistance of a structure
  • Changes in temperature and relative humidity in a structure
  • Moisture contents of wood materials
  • Drying speed of a wet structure
  • Effects of periodical adjustments to conditions
  • Changes in temperature and moisture conditions caused by air leakages
  • Changes in temperature and moisture conditions caused by internal convection
  • Intensity of moiture condensation in the interfaces of a structure
  • Moulding risk in different parts of a structure
Properties of the equipment
  • Measurements of a structure studied with the roof research equipment
    • area: 2730 mm×1840 mm, or 5,0 m²
    • thickness: ≤ 800 mm
  • Adjustable properties
    • temperature inside and outside
    • relative humidity inside and outside
    • pressure difference over the structure
    • heat radiation on the outer surface
    • air flow speed near the outer surface.
  • Temperature of the warm chamber: +10…+30 °C
  • Temperature of the cold chamber: +20…–30 °C
  • U-value’s uncertainty of measurement: ±5 %
  • Measurements and adjustments to conditions are done automatically on a computer.