Weathering action equipment of structures

The weathering action equipment (2 pcs) of the research group for Renovation and service life engineering of structures is also available to be used by the Building physics research group. The weathering equipment can be used for accelerated weathering action tests on different structural components or systems. The indoor and outdoor climate conditions surrounding the studied structure can be controlled completely automatically. The adjustable conditions on the outside are temperature (radiation heating, cooling with refrigeration equipment), relative humidity, and surface irrigation. On the inside the temperature is the main adjustable variable. The conditions can be monitored in the chamber, on the surfaces of the structures, or inside the structures. Additionally, the movements of the surfaces can be observed with a dial gauge. A weathering test according to by 57 Eriste- ja levyrappaus -publication, which is required in Finland for thin coat plastering and board plastering, can be carried out with the equipment. The equipment, the shape of the studied structures, and the stress loads can be modified within the limits of the equipment if necessary, depending on the desired stress level.

The things possible to study with the weathering action equipment include the following:

  • Weather durability of structural components or systems
  • Movements of structure sections or surfaces in different loading cases

Properties of the equipment:

  • Measurements of the studied structure:
    • Area: c. 2000 mm x 3000 mm, aka c. 6,0 m2
    • Thickness: ≤ 500 mm
  • Variable properties:
    • Temperature indoors and outdoors
    • Relative humidity outdoors
    • Heat radiation on the outer surface of the structure
  • Temperature of the inner chamber: +10…+30 °C
  • Temperature of the outer chamber: +70…–20 °C
  • Measurements and the adjustment of conditions are automatically controlled via a computer
A schematic representation of the weathering action equipment of structures