Accessibility Materials

The accessibility-related materials include blog texts, guidelines, tools as well as articles that create a proper view of the topics at hand.

Accessible Teaching

The materials focus on guidelines to create accessible teaching materials, environments using assistive technologies.

Accessible teaching materials


Accessible Events

The materials include guidelines and checklists for organizers while designing accessible events.

Accessible events materials


Accessibility in e-learning

The materials focus on how to achieve accessibility in e-learning as well as best practices, tips, and tricks.

Accessibility in e-learning materials


Accessible Thesis

The materials include thesis accessibility guidelines and checklists for creating accessible documents.

Accessible thesis materials


Accessible Culture

The materials focus on the importance of cultural accessibility for organizations and businesses as well as the EU guidelines for accessible culture.

Accessible culture materials


Accessible Marketing

The materials include different aspects of accessible marketing as well as guidelines for accessible marketing for businesses.

Accessible marketing materials


Social Media Accessibility

The materials include social media accessibility issues as well as tools and guidelines on how to reduce or resolve these issues.

Accessible social media materials