Continuous Learning - Accessibility in Digital Society

Accessibility in Digital Society is an online study module. It deals with various aspects of accessibility presenting both practical and theoretical perspectives.

“Accessibility in digital society” is a unique entity on a Finnish and global scale. The study module deals with accessibility from several different perspectives and comprehensively deals with the role of both people and technology in accessibility. Topics covered include artificial intelligence, audio description, games and entertainment.

The package was built with a wide range of various needs in mind. It is possible to choose the modules which benefit the most for oneself or one’s own organization. The education will initially be offered in English but the production of Finnish materials is under construction.

The following modules will be available:

  1. Introduction to Accessibility MOOC 1ECTS (Available 20.5.2021)
  2. Accessible Culture 4 ECTS (Available 20.5.2021)
  3. Web Accessibility 3 ECTS (Available 20.5.2021)
  4. Trends in Accessibility 4 ECTS (Available 20.5.2021)
  5. Accessible Language 5 ECTS (Available 02/2022)
  6. Accessible Teaching 3 ECTS (Available 10/2021)
  7. Accessible Media 4 ECTS (Available 02/2022)
  8. Web Content Accessibility and Design 5 ECTS (Available 10/2021)
  9. Accessible Visual Information 3 ECTS (Available 10/2021)
  10. Accessibility in AR, VR and Games 2 ECTS (Available 10/2021)
  11. How to face disabled person? 2 ECTS (Available 12/2021)

In addition to the modules, there is a short 1 ECTS course, Introduction to Accessibility MOOC, open to all and free of charge. The contents of the course are useful for everyone. The course provides an understanding of what accessibility is, who benefits accessibility, why make things accessible, how to face a person with a disability and how different laws and directives affect accessibility. The course is offered in both Finnish and in English.