Accessible Design and Culture: Why it’s Better for Business and All Your Users

This article elaborates on what accessible design is (with three key aspects), why compliance with guidelines doesn’t equal accessibility, highlight what companies are leading the way in accessible design and culture, and finally, provides some resources to help build out a culture of accessible design at an organization.

Source: Accessible design and culture


Making culture accessible

This document focuses on access, participation, and cultural provision in the context of cultural rights in Europe. The more specific topics include building access, promoting participation, and securing provision as well as participation in culture in the administration and legislation. It also concerns with fostering the participation of groups with special needs.

PDF: Making culture accessible


Access to culture in the European Union

This paper seeks to consider initiatives at the various levels in the EU to improve access to culture, along with the constraints on action to overcome the various barriers to cultural access which citizens face, particularly since primary competence rests at the Member State level.

Source: Access to culture in the EU

PDF: Access to culture in the EU PDF