We established permanent accessibility points at the Pinni B -building in Tampere University City Center Campus, where we will demonstrate various accessibility solutions in practice. At these points, the audience can observe, experience, and try out different accessibility solutions, assistive devices, as well as equipment that simulate certain injuries or disabilities. The accessibility points are divided into three sections: Accessible Workstation, Accessible Gaming, and Observing Accessibility

The accessibility points are intended for everyone, not just individuals with disabilities. They provide a comprehensive overview of the latest accessibility solutions, especially in the context of digitalization. Information about where to acquire these assistive devices will also be available both at the points and later here, on the TACCU website, in case some devices or equipment are found to be necessary.

The accessibility points are freely open to the public during the City Center Campus opening hours. We encourage everyone to confidently visit our points and experience in practice all the possibilities available!

Accessible Workstation

The accessible workstation provides various solutions to make digital interaction and computer-based work as smooth as possible for all individuals. Assistive tools for the workstation include, for example, a braille display, different types of mice and keyboards, a screen reader, and glare-free reading light.

Accessible Gaming

At the accessible gaming station, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various assistive devices, gaming machines, consoles, and specialized technology that enable gaming for everyone. The station features three playable gaming consoles. These consoles are equipped with specialized controllers that make gaming easier for individuals with different needs. With these specialized controllers, games can be played even if there are mobility limitations.

Observing Accessibility

At the accessibility observation station, you can try out various simulators and equipment that allow you to simulate different limitations. The equipment includes, for example, the AgeMan aging suit, which illustrates the physical deterioration that occurs with aging. Additionally, the collection of eyeglasses is available, simulating various types of visual impairments.



Pinni B, Tampere University
Kanslerinrinne 1, 33014, 33100

When you enter the Pinni B -building, turn right and head straight to the glass doors. Accessibility Point tables are right behind these glass doors, next to the accessible toilet.


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