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Project and thesis course

During the course, the students are provided with skills and knowledge to outline, implement and report problem-based project work from a) the perspective of sustainability and b) the research orientations of the program, along with c) potential stakeholder aspirations. Students are taught how to capitalize on expert knowledge and mentoring as well as stakeholder information in setting up the tasks and the milestones of a project. The project topics are either based on stakeholder initiatives or derive from the students’ personal interests in carrying out thesis-oriented research within the programme’s thematic scope. The course provides the students with baseline skills for executing a collaborative or an individually composed, project-based thesis upon graduation and for developing their approaches to the conventional thesis format.

 Accessibility Project Work

The course covers the methods for evaluating accessibility and serves as a continuation for the common project course with more focus on the accessibility perspectives of the project work.

Fundamentals of Accessibility

The course gives an overview of how accessibility can be taken into account in everyday communication and digital services.

Accessible Digital Society

  • Accessible Documents
  • Accessible Information Visualization
  • How to face a person with a disability?
  • Defining and discussing accessibility in society
  • Accessible Social Media

Accessible Design

  • Web Accessibility I
  • Web Accessibility II
  • Accessibility and user experience
  • Picture Communication
  • Spoken Interfaces

Trends in accessibility (1-10 credits)

Contemporary talks and events. Students can earn credits by attending different accessibility-related events and writing learning diaries based on them. These will be arranged with our stakeholders as resources permit.