Accessible Meeting and Event Checklist

Taking care to create an accessible event benefits not only individuals with visible or known disabilities, but also helps to ensure that all participants/attendees, including individuals with non-obvious disabilities and/or chronic health conditions, and people of all ages and body types, are able to fully engage in the program.

Source: Event planning

PDF: Meeting and event checklist


Accessible Events: A good practice guide for staff organizing events in Higher Education

This is a detailed guideline that consists of the organization practicalities of events and meetings as well as producing accessible events information and materials.

PDF: Practice guide for accessible events


Accessible Events: A Guide For Organisers

This Guide, which has been developed by the Meetings and Events Industry of Australia in partnership with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, is designed to help those responsible for organizing events and to ensure they are accessible for people with disabilities – whether they are presenters, sponsors or participants

PDF: Accessible events guide for organizers