Thesis accessibility guidelines

These guidelines include the understanding of accessibility in terms of documents and thesis and a proper checklist for ensuring accessibility. It also focuses on how to perform accessibility evaluation using mainstream software. A PDF guide is also available for creating accessible word and pdf documents.

Source: Thesis accessibility guidelines

PDF: Creating accessible documents


Creating an Accessible Thesis

This is a guideline for creating an accessible thesis from the Dominican University of California. This includes resources to help create accessible thesis such as document creation tutorials as well as Microsoft accessibility checklist.

Source: Creating accessible thesis


Making Thesis Accessible

This article considers limitations such as visual, auditory, speech, physical, cognitive, neurological, or their combination and their effects on how a thesis document can be approached with them. It covers topics like document structures, alternative texts and images, color contrast and reliance, and accessible data table. It also indicates how to check for accessibility in a document.

Source: Making thesis accessible


Information on Accessibility and Guidelines Dissertations

This is a guideline provided by Cornell University to ensure accessibility in dissertations. It includes formatting, accessible lists, and tables, accessible images, and figures as well as accessible symbols.

Source: Accessibility information