Independent Accessibility Project Work

During the course, you will deepen your knowledge and skills of accessibility. We assume you have completed the course Fundamentals of Accessibility and at least 10 credits from the course Methods and Technologies of Accessibility and Their Evaluation.

During the course, you will carry out a project individually or in groups (you have to find your own group). The project can relate to, for example, the evaluation of a website or making a cultural event accessible. We have a set of enthusiastic stakeholders with whom you can work with or you can have your own partner/company as a collaboration partner. The project can be done in English or in Finnish depending on your partner.

The project can either be a practical implementation (e.g. taking actual measures to make an event accessible, or modifying a website to make it more accessible) or it can be a report/a plan that you produce for your partner, explaining the measures that would need to be taken to make a particular service or product more accessible (it would then be up to the partner to decide whether they want to carry it out). In both cases, you are required to write a project plan (beforehand) and a project report (afterwards) that you hand in to the course coordinator for evaluation.


Contact Pauliina Baltzar ( and explain briefly what kind of topic you have in mind. You can have a partner on your own for the project or Pauliina can help you find one.
Responsible teachers depending on the topic are Markku Turunen ( and Maija Hirvonen (

Write a project plan which contains:
1. Title
2. Your information & possible group members
3. Project idea and target platform
4. User group / target group
5. Development and methods
6. Possible External stakeholders

Write report which contains:
1. Title
2. Your information & possible group members
3. Project Plan
4. Used methods
5. Accessibility testing
6. Further development

Project work examples

  • Technical accessibility evaluation of a website/service
  • Linguistic accessibility evaluation of a website/service
  • Accessibility testing for your own workplace/company
  • Making an event accessible
  • Making an art show accessible
  • Making a museum visit accessible