TACCU Research Seminar 26.09.2023

The ground is full of fallen yellow and orange leaves.

As TACCU is growing by new members and affiliated members, we are organizing a research seminar with the purpose of getting to know each other and the wide spectrum of accessibility-related research we as a community are conducting. At the same time, the seminar showcases our research to the wider university community.

Program 26.9. 13.00-15.30

Welcome words

  1. session: 4 speakers (à 10 min), Q&A (10 min), 13.10-14.00
  • Marttila & Schierl (2 topics on subtitling)
  • Forssell (gamification)
  • Valtasalmi (easy language)

Coffee break, 14-14.30

  1. session, 4 speakers (à 10 min), Q&A (10 min), 14.30-15.20
  • Kinnunen, Nurminen & Zhang (3 topics on access to information)
  • Virkki (wearable technologies)

15.20 Closing words


Languages & translation:

  • Tuija Kinnunen: accessibility and multilingualism, COVID pandemic
  • Daniel Zhang (visiting researcher from University College London): accessible health information
  • Helmi Marttila: semi-automatic subtitling processes at workplaces
  • Frederike Schierl: quality of machine vs human translated subtitles in educational videos
  • Idastiina Valtasalmi: lexical criteria of Finnish easy language
  • Mary Nurminen: access to information in the age of algorithms

Human-Computer Interaction and Technologies:

  • Johanna Virkki & research group: wearable technologies
  • Janne Lahti: accessibility criteria in procurements by official bodies in Finland
  • Mirkka Forssell: game technologies in enhancing accessibility of elderly people

If you want to join us via Teams, email pauliina.baltzar@tuni.fi