GAAD 2022: Accessibility Education

Text: Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022, TACCU's logo

TACCU organizes accessibility education based on the recent research. We offer almost 30 courses focusing on accessibility to our students!

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Fundamentals of Accessibility

The course gives an overview of how accessibility can be taken in account in everyday communication and digital services. The topics covered in the course include: introduction to the interlingual and intermodal methods of translation and interpreting in producing accessibility services, such as subtitling, audio description, sign-language and print interpreting, environmental description, accessibility technologies, needs of different groups and stakeholders, and principles of legislation.

Introduction to Accessibility MOOC

Free course for everyone. The course provides basic understanding of what accessibility is, who benefits from accessibility, why to make things accessible, how to encounter a person with a disability, and how different laws and directives affect accessibility. The course is offered both in Finnish and in English.


  • Defining and discussing accessibility in society
  • Picture communication
  • Spoken interfaces
  • Accessibility and user experience
  • Visuals to text
  • Social haptic communication
  • Easy language
  • Easy spoken interaction
  • Speech to text (subtitling)
  • Games, gamification, serious games and accessibility
  • Haptics and gestures (gesture-based interfaces)
  • Rehabilitation and assistive augmentation
  • Audio description of art
  • Entertainment and accessibility
  • Speech and audio to text
  • Web accessibility I (technical)
  • Web accessibility II (content)
  • Linguistic accessibility and machine translation
  • Accessible AI
  • Trends in accessibility research
  • Accessible Documents
  • Accessible Media
  • Accessible Social Media
  • How to face a disabled person?
  • Accessible Lectures
  • Teaching and Accessibility Legislation
  • Introduction to speech-to-text interpreting



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