Over the Barriers: Game Accessibility Exhibition 8.12.2023 - 31.3.2024

Takaa otettu kuva miehestä pelaamassa The Last of Us 2 peliä suuohjaimella.

The exhibition is organized by TACCU Tampere Accessibility Unit (Tampere University) and SIA Lab (LUT University).
Welcome to explore the fascinating aspects of accessible gaming at Vapriikki Museum Centre!

Over the Barriers: Game accessibility exhibition offers an opportunity to familiarise oneself with game accessibility, understand who benefits from accessibility, gain knowledge of gaming experiences of players with disabilities, and experiment with different game accessibility equipment.

Game accessibility enables the multifaceted world of gaming and game culture for everyone. Games can contain accessibility settings, such as subtitles, color-blindness modes, and audio cues, that enable the enjoyment of games in various ways for players with disabilities. Some games and game controllers are designed for specific user groups. A prime example of these are audio games and adaptive controllers. This exhibition is targeted for anyone who is interested in accessibility, but especially for gamers with disabilities and game developers.

This exhibition makes accessibility more visible and raises awareness on game accessibility equipment. The exhibition showcases extensively technologies related to accessible gaming and offers visitors a unique possibility to try out some of these technologies. In addition to different technologies, the exhibition will share experiences from gamers with disabilities.

Accessibility is comprehensively taken into account in planning the exhibition. The full accessibility statement and further accessibility information will be published closer to the opening of the exhibition.

During the exhibition period we will offer weekly events related to game accessibility. These events have diverse content. There will be events particularly targeted for game developers and researchers, speeches about game accessibility and inclusivity as well as personal experiences. There will be weekly guided tours for visitors, and gamers with disabilities will also be available as peer guides during the events. Visitors will also have a chance to get a booklet which provides further information on game accessibility and different devices.