Constant climate rooms and moisture cabinets

Constant climate rooms
The smaller constant climate room on the left and the larger constant climate room on the right.

The research group has access to two constant climate rooms. The rooms are used to stabilize the temperature and moisture content of samples. The drying and cooling of the air in the rooms are done with independent cooler compressors. The humidity and temperature of the air can be increased with resistive steam humidifiers and heaters, respectively. When the air in the rooms is circulated through these components, its temperature and relative humidity can be adjusted to the desired values.

Larger constant climate room:

  • Measurements: width 240 cm, length 510 cm, height 260 cm
  • Manufacturer of the components: Arctest
  • Accuracy: +-1 %RH and 0,1 °C

Smaller constant climate room:

  • Measurements: width 195 cm, length 360 cm, height 290 cm
  • Manufacturer of the components: TECNAIR LV
  • Accuracy: +-3 %RH and 0,5 °C
Moisture cabinets
Moisture cabinets

The moisture cabinets are detached and movable cabinets, where samples can be placed in to reach equilibrium in conditions with certain relative humidity and temperature. The relative humidity is created with a salt solution, which is in a container on the bottom of the cabinet. The even distribution of the moisture in the cabinet is ensured with fans that are attached to the container. the temperature inside the cabinet is determined by the temperature of the room the cabinet is in. Relative humidity and temperature are monitored with sensors. The inside measurements of the cabinets are width 75 cm, depth 70 cm, and height 190 cm.