Meet TACCU's interns!

We are delighted to welcome new TACCU members who started as interns yesterday! Who are they, and why are they interested in accessibility?

MyElmeri Sunikka name is Elmeri Sunikka and I just finished my fourth year as a computer science student here in Tampere University. I am currently doing my master’s program where I am focusing on Human-Technology Interaction. My main interests are accessibility as well as usability. This summer I am fortunate to be working as an intern in TACCU.

My interest in accessibility started from realizing how important and universal it is. I have always been an avid gamer and a person who enjoys spending a lot of time on the internet without thinking much about it. However, throughout university especially after completing “Fundamentals of Accessibility” course (highly recommended!) I realized accessibility is an enormous world and I have been hooked ever since. As a person, I am curious and always wanting to learn more.

In TACCU I am hoping to garner more knowledge about the world of accessibility as well as positively affect and work on different types of projects related to it. I am super excited to learn a lot and meet new people throughout the summer. Hopefully it is a good one!

Markus Kämäräinen

I’m Markus Kämäräinen, a 30-year-old Master’s student in Game Studies, a disabled dad, and a game aficionado. I’ll be a trainee here at TACCU this Summer, which is both extremely exciting and a tad terrifying (in a good way!). Hopefully, we can kick-start all the interesting projects to bring forth accessibility to broader audiences!

In my studies, I’m focusing on researching the possibilities of game accessibility and its effects on the player experiences of disabled players. Games can be such fun, emotional, and social experiences, that they must be made accessible and available for everyone. As gaming and game cultures are constantly increasing in popularity, we have to ensure that we don’t exclude anyone anymore due to inaccessibility or inappropriate behavior in games.

In my free time, I like to enjoy good series, write game reviews, go to concerts, and play with my wonderful daughter. And whenever I have time, play a wide variety of games (to no one’s surprise) from story-heavy RPGs to joyful platformers.


Welcome to TACCU Elmeri and Markus!