Now you have a unique chance to develop your skills related to accessibility in an international group and earn 2 credits! Six lucky participants will get funded to travel to Umeå Sweden. 

We welcome students from various backgrounds to participate! Read more and register already today.

Apply to join a five-country project to develop radical inclusion


Open Minds is a European-funded Erasmus+ education programme. It focuses on Design for Radical Inclusion and uses an innovative card game for collaborative brainstorming, as well as a specially-designed physical computing toolkit for prototyping solutions.

The project involves partners from five countries: MTF Labs from Sweden, FabLab from Croatia, Polis University from Albania, INESCTEC from Portugal and ACCAC Finland from Finland.

We are looking for fifty participants from Finland to join the project. Six participants (18-30-year-olds) will have the opportunity to join Creative Innovation Lab Week in Sweden in October.


First meeting: 15.8. at 13.00-16.00

Second meeting: 12.9. at 13.00-16.00

Creative Innovation Lab: 9.-14.10.2023

The programme involves TWO introductory 3-hour sessions.
Those introductory sessions will be followed by a week-long Creative Innovation Lab that takes place simultaneously in all five participating countries from 9-14 October 2023. The Labs will be connected via videoconference so that you can collaborate with others from different parts of the world.

Six lucky participants will even get funded to travel to take part in person during that week in Umeå Sweden!

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What will you learn?

Participants will develop skills in design principles, coding, making with electronics, physical computing, and accessible design. By working with people from various backgrounds, you’ll also expand your cultural horizons and create lasting connections.

Who will you meet?

You’ll collaborate with participants from Finland, Croatia, Portugal, Sweden, and Albania to create innovative solutions for a more inclusive society. The programme is designed to be a lot of fun with additional out-of-hours activities and meals with visiting participants.

Here is where you can register to participate in Open Minds. Participation is absolutely free, and you will receive European certification of your attendance and the skills you develop.


Open Minds introduces an appoach we call Radical Inclusion, which goes beyond mere accessibility compliance. By involving a broad diversity of people and experiences in the earliest design phase, Radical Inclusion cultivates a front-of-mind approach across all levels of society so that accessibility and inclusion become an integral part of all design projects.

This course aims to introduce the concept of Radical Inclusion in the design process. The main aim of the course is to provide young people with an understanding and awareness of radical inclusion (limitations, existing solutions, standards, etc.) and to develop skills in co-design methodologies to facilitate radical inclusion through design, prototyping, cross-domain innovation and collaboration. Students will design practical projects that address issues of accessibility and inclusion as well as address UN Societal Development Goals.

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For more information or to discuss the project

Kirsi Mustalahti (, 045 855 7115)


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