Accessibility courses have started!

On the background open laptop. In front a coffee mug, notebook and a pen

Accessibility in Digital Society is a flexible study module taught entirely online. We offer three courses for Tampere Universities students and staff.

The courses will open later this year to public as continuing education.

1. Fundamentals of Accessibility (5 credits) (in Sisu KIEAV02c)

2. Methods and Technologies for Accessibility and their Evaluation (1-20 credits)

In Sisu:

  • ACC.030 Defining and discussing accessibility in society
  • ACC.040 Picture communication
  • ACC.150 Audio description of art
  • ACC.180 Web accessibility I (technical)
  • ACC.190 Web accessibility II (content)
  • ACC.210 Accessible AI
  • ACC.050 Spoken interfaces
  • ACC.120 Games, gamification, serious games and accessibility
  • ACC.230 Accessible Documents

3. Independent Accessibility Project work (5 credits) (in sisu ACC.030)

  • Starting Autumn 2021